Freundeskreis Europäischer Modellbahner eV.


Updated: 13.4.2005

 International FREMO  meet in N scale 
 Sept 30 - Oct 3 2005,  PRAGUE, Czech Rep.

The second  FREMO meet in Czech Republic

First FREMO meet in Czech republic was last year in August 2004. Layouts presented were in H0, H0e and N scale. Since the meet according to many voices was great success, we have decided that from that on we will have FREMO meet every year. Each year we will have different scale. In year 2005 we will have N scale layout with helping hands of our German friends. We are also inviting all friends from all over the world.


Model operation of CSD system based on prototype operation in early 70 e's. Basic layout will be modules N-RE, but all other modules, such as FREMO-N or fiNescale are welcome, as long as they will operate with wheel sets using NEM standards.

Operation of the layout will use DCC system using NMRA standards and Loconet.

Supporting programs

- Ride around the Prague and to the centre of the city in the historical street car

- Visit to the museum of local transportation system and street cars (tram's) (link)

- Sale of the materials for making scenery from Top Czech Producers

Around the Prague and it's tourist surroundings are also a large amounts of technical and railway type related sites, which in the case of interest and longer staying will not be a part of the our program. In case of interest we can help the individuals with the tips.

As a good example, there are:


The meet is mainly for members of FREMO and Zababov and their respective guests. Please send the Invitations and plans of all modules directly to addresses below before June 30th 2005!

Accommodations and Food

NEW: All details about accommodation, prices and how to make reservation you can find in separate web page. Deadline for making of reservations is June 30th 2005

Food can be also reserved and estimated price range is 10-12 EUR per day.


Using the Car

Prague is easy to get to from all the directions. From The West , highway which connects Nurnberg and Munchen and crosses the border at Rozvadov via Plzen.
From the North we recommend route through Dresden. Travelling via highway is only possible in small section. Highway is still under the construction.
From Wien and Brno is highway connection also possible.


Using the Train

Direct International trains EC from all Europe are possible. To look up optimal connection use this link

Berlin         339 km
Leipzig       253 km
Hamburg     640 km
München     383 km
Stuttgart    485 km
Frankfurt     517 km
Wien          295 km


From 2004 Czech Republic is part of EU. Crossing the borders for person part of the EU and having the modules and models does not requires any paper work. However we recommend for persons not part of EU be prepared for same procedures as used elsewhere. We also recommend that all participants have their passports ready at border crossings.

Coordinators of meet


Dan Buchtela

e-mail: danikb at-sign jikos dot cz

phone +420 724 420 225

Czech Republic



Michael Maleis

phone +49 619 225 432



All fans of the N scale from Europe and rest of the world are welcome!